Perfect place

Do you feel that it is the right time to tell your girlfriend that she is the bridge elect? You don´t want only poor dinner, where you will give her a ring and then you will go at home. You would like to surprise her and show her that not only wedding should be really nice? Then we have a great offer for you, we will prepare your evening. Would you like to pass great dinner with your bride elect, but it should be original? We can prepare and decorate gardens under Prague Castle for you, where will not be anyone else. You will taste really the best foods from great chef, who won lots of awards and also on in the publication Maurerův výběr Grand Restaurant 2012 a 2015.

The best girl

We know that atmosphere is so important like food, so we will decorate not only gardens, but also your table. You can enjoy to beautiful flowers, nice candle light and you will have also professional photographer, who will take photos of your happy moments. Don´t be afraid of weather, because we have variants for all cases. Avail marriage proposal ideas, because it is the best way.